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REVIEW: Live2Support Live Chat Software

| October 8, 2013 | 4 Comments

Live2Support Review — Unbelievable price with competitive performance

If you are looking for highly scalable live chat software for your website or any online business, I am sure Live2Support is the right choice. The reason is that I have reviewed this software in pretty depth and found it quite easy to use, full of great features and very reasonable in pricing structure.

The implementation of the software is very easy. Once you sign up, you will be provided with a detailed codes and links of the software. All you have to do is copy the code and paste in your website to enable the live chat support.

This software is just great because I can use it on my smart phones and tablets too. It works flawlessly on any of my devices on the go. Even if I am away from my computer, I don’t have to worry loosing an important lead from my website. I can always chat with the clients and visitors on my site on the go. Live2Support chat is available for iPhone and android both.

Visitor analytic

Besides the many great features, Live2Support also handles the real time visitor stats of your website. The software will log the details for you showing what number of visitor is live on your website, from geographic location, how much time they are spending on your website and what pages they are going through.

Live2Support Visitor Analytic

You can even see what browser and language your client is using. I think this is another major feature which would you to go for this product.

Customize the look and feel

I also love the way Live2Support allows you to customize the look and feel of the live chat software window. Means you can make it almost like your website and your users will assume it to be a part of your website. This is really awesome I must say. The software is also very easy to implement with third party CMS systems. So if your website is built in WordPress or Joomla, you can have this software there to with a few clicks of embedding. It also supports Drupal, Zencart, Zendesk and all the popular platforms out there.

Real time monitoring

This live chat software also has a separate back office for you to monitor the logs and visitors on your website.

Live2Support Live Monitoring

It also maintains the logs of the chat history for you to see how your staff is handling your clients and visitor via the website. Based on your review, you can take necessary actions to improve your customer service.

The Pricing

On top of all, you won’t believe how reasonable price Live2Support is available for. All you have to pay is less than 8 bucks a month. Just USD 7.92 per month and you get all the great features in one product which makes your life much easier and worry free.

I recommend this live chat software to all you expert guys out there. Purchase the peace of mind, set back and get relax.

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