Best Live Chat Software of 2013 You Need to Know About

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The best way to increase your online marketing is of-course by providing support to your clients on your site itself without having them Call or Email you. Most of the sites providing online business or offline, do use a Live Chat application/software to increase their sales and customers. Live Chat on websites makes it convenient for clients/customers to know more about the business, solve their queries, book an appointment or to leave a feedback. If you’re using one on your site too but not satisfied with it then here we have collected some of the Best Live Chat Software of 2013.  Read below and learn how to attract new and maybe some of the most profitable customers into your hands.

Best Live Chat Software of 2013

Best Chat Software1. Jivosite

Jivosite is new in the market but is one of the most engaging and professional Live chat software that you will find online. One of the biggest advantage is that unlike any other services, they allow upto 5 agents and no time limits even on their free plan. The best part about Jivosite is that unlike other programs, JivoSite takes a very few time to load and won’t slow down your website loading time.

2. Zopim

Zopim is relatively old and well known in the market as they started in around 2009. Their free plan allows upto 1 agent and 1 concurrent chat which is desirable for a small business. Zopim is sleek live chat software with Powerful features that very others provide on such a rate. However as your customers start to grow and as your online business expands, it is vital that you as website owners consider upgrading to more advanced plans in order to keep up with your clients. We noticed that loading times were great, even though their chat interface design is somewhat complex.

3. Olark

Olark is another popular live chat software you can integrate on your website. It is very flexible in terms of design and where you want to position it, and most importantly provides a beautiful visitor experience. It’s simple to integrate, as you have to copy and paste the code into your page just like Zopim, Jivosite. Olark allows you to fully customize text, colors and themes to suit the ‘ambiance’ and ‘style’ of your website template.

4. ClickDesk

ClickDesk is also known as the ‘Best Live Chat Software’. The free version allows one agent, however restricting the number of chats to 30. If you are really keen about getting a spot on live chat snippet, this one is the best simply because they allow one to one voice chat too. Another thing that caught my eye is the live ‘ticket’ system that they offer. Agents can view, reply, transfer or favorite the tickets to make supporting much easier.

5. Live2Support

Live support from Live2Support is so feature-rich, a breeze to implement and easy to use that you will be on your way to live interactive chat with your customers in less than fifteen minutes. Live2Support live chat software provides some extra-ordinary features that others don’t such as live monitoring of your website, visitors, etc. You can find more features here.  Another best part is that they also provide a fifteen day free trial, pay them only if you’re satisfied. We will soon post a detailed Review on Live2Support live chat software.

These were some of the Best Live Chat Software of 2013 we came through. If you know any such wonderful software for Live Chat do leave them in a comment below.

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