Logic Pro 9 Level Two Apple Certification Exam

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Highly advanced skills and extensive knowledge of the Logic Pro platform is what you’ll document you possess by taking and passing the Apple Level Two software specific certification exam (9L0-837 – Level Two). This exam is designed with seasoned experts in mind. It is not for the novice or the intermediately skilled professional. Instead, it is intended to demonstrate you know even the most complex and advanced features and functions of the program and are able to apply that knowledge in the completion of more complicated and involved projects involving the use of Logic Pro.

The 9L0-837 exam can only be completed if you’ve already taken the Logic Pro Level One certification training course and the associated certification exam. Having earned the Logic Pro Level One certification from Apple is a hard and fast prerequisite for registering for and taking the 9L0-837 – Level Two exam.

Logic Pro Certification

Although qualification for successfully passing the 9L0-837 means you’re a more experienced professional, familiar with the ins and outs of Logic Pro, you’ll not want to overlook the need for adequate exam preparation. When getting ready to take your Apple certification exam, you’ll want to use a variety of study materials and practices.

Apple offers training courses and self study tools and materials. The test itself must be finished within one and a half hours and will be conducted at an Apple training and testing site. There are about 63 questions that appear on the test and question formats may include interactive-media, fill in the blank, and multiple choice.

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