Adding Video or Images for better Website Results

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Adding Video or Images for better Website ResultsThere are a lot of ways to make a web page dull and boring so that no one comes back to it unless they absolutely have to.However, there are just as many ways to make a page stand out so it is fun, exciting and always changing so that a viewer wants to keep checking it to see what exactly will be on it on a specific day. What are the keys to getting people to come back? New content in the form of images or videos uploaded to the site. Depending on what type of site you have exactly will determine which is better for it, video clips or pictures.

The Benefits of Video

Embedding a video to the site is very easy to do once you have the HTML code. By having a video you are also doing more than just entertaining the viewers to your site due to technological advances. By placing the correct type of video on your page and entering in information, it can draw viewers to a page through the Meta tags and keywords associated with it. Video captions are cached like words with articles and blogs now, so videos can be just as important of a tool in the SEO rankings as blogs and articles are. The only downside to videos playing is that it requires more bandwidth in order to support viewing on the page.

The Way of Images

Images are the perfect way to get people to your site. Who doesn’t like to look at cute or funny pictures? And if you can incorporate them with your website design, then it is even better. People are drawn to the site to see the updated pictures and they are also getting the message that you want to deliver to potential customers and users of the site. Pictures should be updated regularly to keep the content fresh and to keep the search engine spiders moving across it.

Picture captions can include keywords in order to improve SEO rankings, so choose how to title each picture carefully. The search engines will keep ranking sites higher when the pictures are updated and contain carefully crafted descriptions and captions with them.

Locating the Media for Your Site

The traditional media sites like YouTube, flicker and Facebook will often have videos that will give the embed code, but you still need to check the copyright license on it and make sure it is safe to share. There are subscription sites where videos can be taken from as well, so you might want to check the costs associated with it and see if it will save time on finding the correct videos for you.

View the entire length of the video clip before it is embedded on the site to make sure there are no surprises in it that could tarnish your reputation. A flash of an image that contains inappropriate content can be damaging in that instant and something you can’t recover from as easily.

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