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Smileys are now familiar to all most all people using Facebook. They’re the best way to express what you’re feeling without typing anything but by just displaying a emoticon that says everything. There are already lots of Facebook smileys which you can access directly in the chat box by clicking over the top left smiley face inside the chat box’s typing area. Once, a user asked us if we can display smileys that are not present in the Facebook’s list of smileys? We did a small investigation and find out that Yes, there are New Facebook Smiley codes which you can use like a boss to display more smileys which Facebook doesn’t provide officially and stand out of the crowd.

The normal Facebook smileys, that is , the smileys which you can use through Facebook’s web version and mobile apps version are in the sprite below.

Facebook Sprites

These are the smileys that are currently provide by Facebook officially, but not all them are active yet or be used in the Facebook’s web version though most of them can be used from Facebook mobile apps on Android, iOS, etc.

Well, this isn’t the new Facebook smiley codes we’re talking about. What we are talking about can be found in the next image.

Facebook Smiley

Yeah they’re are rich in colors and contrast and when you’ll use it people would of-course ask about it “WTF How did you do that ? :O “, because we had a similar experience.

We have collected all the codes and they work like a charm. The new Facebook smileys codes are mentioned below, just copy paste any code you like and paste them in your chat box and hit Enter, your emoticon will be displayed.

New Facebook Smiley Codes

  • [[f9.laugh]]
  • [[f9.sad]]
  • [[f9.angry]]
  • [[f9.sleepy]]
  • [[f9.shock]]
  • [[f9.kiss]]
  • [[f9.inlove]]
  • [[]]
  • [[]]
  • [[f9.rain]]
  • [[f9.bomb]]
  • [[f9.sun]]
  • [[f9.heart]]
  • [[f9.heartbreak]]
  • [[]]
  • [[f9.ghost]]
  • [[f9.brb]]
  • [[]]
  • [[]]
  • [[f9.adore]]
  • [[f9.angel]]
  • [[f9.baloons]]
  • [[f9.bowl]]
  • [[f9.cake]]
  • [[f9.callme]]
  • [[f9.clap]]
  • [[f9.confused]]
  • [[f9.curllip]]
  • [[f9.devilface]]
  • [[f9.lying]]
  • [[f9.rofl]]
  • [[f9.billiard]]
  • [[f9.cakepiece]]
  • [[f9.rosedown]]
  • [[f9.shutmouth]]
  • [[f9.shy]]
  • [[f9.silly]]
  • [[f9.tongue1]]
  • [[f9.fastfood]]
  • [[f9.ring]]
  • [[f9.plate]]
  • [[f9.candle]]
  • [[]]

Use them and be a hero among your Friends and Family on Facebook. And, yeah these smileys don’t work in FB’s messenger apps. Don’t forget to share them if you like :) Also like our page on Facebook because we share some cool stuffs on Facebook that you shouldn’t be missing.

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