Is Hookah Bad For You ?

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Hookah is something we all know, of course, else you wouldn’t be reading this! By chance, If you don’t know, then know it now. It was somewhere around the 15th century, the Hookah was born, making India a little more popular.. Yes, you read right! Hookah was invented in India. They were looked upon as a grand status for Indian aristocrats. Later, it started getting popular in Iran, Egypt and Turkey. Nowadays Hookah lounges can be seen on almost every busy street in the world and has turned the favorite thing for the youths. So, Is Hookah bad for you ?

Is hookah bad for youMany still believes that Hookah is a lot safer than smoking cigarettes. If you’re one of them, I would laugh out loud on you, Seriously.

Hookah is really a harmful thing. It is stuffed with shisha (flavored tobacco). The smoke is passed through water for the purpose of cooling and filtering it. Despite being passed through water, hookah still contains toxic compounds such as carbon monoxide, heavy metals, and other chemicals that cause cancer. Some Hookah Health Risks as disclosed by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) are mentioned here.

Hookah Health Risks

Regarding the negative effects of smoking hookah, the World Health Organization had added some eye openers in the form strange algorithms, it goes like this :   “A standard one hour session of smoking Hookah is equivalent to inhaling around 200 times the volume inhaled with just one cigarette! ” OR “It is said one session of hookah is as bad as consuming 36 times the tar inhaled in one cigarette!”

Smoking Hooka is Bad

Hookah Pipe: The recycled smoke from the water pipes is nothing more than a combination of tobacco smoke and the smoke emanating from the fuel. Since the pipe does not filter out any of these toxins, smoking hookah becomes immensely dangerous for health. It’s like putting the car’s silencer in your mouth and sucking it !

Hookah smokers take deep breaths, as they inhale, since it has been cooled after being passed through water. As the smoker pulls hard from the pipe, the smoke goes deep directly into the lungs. This is the fastest way to contract Lung cancer for Free ;)

Smoke: The smoke that gets into a Hookah smoker can be defined as an amalgamation of tar, carbon monoxide, heavy metals and several toxic compounds. Rich in carcinogens, this smoke may lead one to contract oral cancer. If you read this line without understanding the meaning, you should better stop smoking Hookah from now itself as you’ve started loosing control over the sync between your eyes and brain :P

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Coal: Hookah is fired just like the ancient Steam engines. Charcoal or wood cinders are used to heat the flavored tobacco on the top. Such combustion results in the release of hazardous chemicals like carbon monoxide! Hence, there is no reason why we should believe hookahs to be harmless!

Sharing Pipes: Do you share pipes while smoking Hookah ? You never know how many could have had been smoking through that pipe you’re smoking from. Infectious diseases can be easily spread through sharing of a single pipe of the hookah. Big groups of smokers lounge around a sofa and pass on the pipe without using the disposable mouthpiece. As such, the possibility of contracting diseases such as herpes and tuberculosis runs high. Even though you use the mouthpiece/filter for yourself, you’re not safe.

After Effects: After smoking, I agree it feels great inside, a great smell, etc. But, this feeling doesn’t come after smoking a cigarette! Well, that doesn’t mean Hookah is good than Cigarette, it’s worst. The amount of cellular chromosomal damage produced inside the mouth soon after hookah smoking is much similar to that of cigarette smoking.

Girl Smoking hookah

Pregnant ladies: If you don’t want low weight babies, keep distance from hookahs. Also, husbands who got a Pregnant lady at home, avoid smoking Hookah.


Hookah IS Bad for you. Stop it if you’re addicted, before It stops your existing functional organs forever.

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If you think we’re wrong or disagree with anything we have mentioned, correct us in the comments ;)

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